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Bridging Departments and Disciplines in a Digital Age

Digital Humanities and Classics Postdoc

Dr. Danielle Smotherman Bennett
Classics and Humanities

Dr. Bennett's research focuses on multiple aspects of the ancient world, including Greek vase-painting and Greek archaeology, trade in the ancient Mediterranean, and digital approaches to the study of the ancient world. Within the digital humanities, Dr. Bennett is involved in the use of Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI), photogrammetry, and x-ray diffraction (XRD) on the study of ancient objects. Much of her research examines the role of women in the ancient world and an interdisciplinary approach to ancient objects. Learn more about Dr. Bennett and the Postdoctoral Fellowship.


Friends of Classics & Schuch Endowed Postdoctoral Fellow in Classics and Digital Humanities

headshotDavid Wallace-Hare
Classics and Humanities

David Wallace-Hare is a Roman social, economic, and environmental historian and epigrapher. Since 2018, he has been an investigator on the HESPERIA: Palaeohispanic Languages Data Bank, an ongoing epigraphic project at the Universidad del País Vasco. At SDSU, David will carry out an investigation of bee forage plants mentioned in Late Antique and medieval textual sources from the Visigothic Kingdom and al-Andalus. His work provides a vehicle for applying historical data concerning bee forage plants to the current environment, healing the future with the past by recreating more stable ecosystems for bees through tailored replanting of historical bee forage plants. A long-term goal of this work is to create a global historical bee-forage database to allow individuals and communities to keep bees more sustainably based on models from the past.


Digital Humanities Staff

headshotRomain Delaville
DH Center Programs Specialist

Romain Delaville is the Digital Humanities Center Programs Specialist. He received his Ph.D. in French from the University of Pennsylvania and his M.S. in Software Development from Dominican University. Romain's experiences and training blend years in the classroom with hands-on expertise in application development. Prior to joining SDSU, he held several teaching positions at the University of Oxford, UC Irvine, Oberlin college, and the University of Chicago. His research on postcolonial studies, critical race theory, and the intersection of literature and visual technologies has appeared in such journals as Contemporary French and Francophone Studies: SITES, and earned him the “recherche au présent” award.

Digital Humanities Programs Assistants

Jared Zeiders




Tina Lumbis

Tina Lumbis served as the first DH Instructional Support Assistant in the DH Center (2019). Tina was instrumental to the early growth of the DH Center. She helped launch the electronic literature studio, crafted digital storytelling trainings, developed co- and extra-curricular programming, and experimented with emerging technologies. Prior to joining the DH Center, she was the Graduate Programs Assistant for the DH Initiative (August 2017-December 2018). Most notably in that capacity, she developed the curriculum for an after-school electronic literature program. She has a MFA in Creative Writing from SDSU (2019) and has created numerous e-lit works which she has shared at the Electric Literature Organization's annual conferences.

Digital Humanities Collaborative – Recognized Student Organization

Adrian Diaz

Kristen Herr

Philip Shieh

Krishna L. Buenfil
Vice President of Social Media